Updated: August 22nd, 2010

Guess what’s making a resurgence in the humidor at Sir Tom’s ?
An “old school” size the lancero…this long narrow ring gauge cigar helps to concentrate the smoke and increase the flavor of any blend…surprising some smokers with an increase in power…

La Aroma De Cuba Lancero

Some of our favorites include:
Rocky Patel’s Old World Reserve Maduro, this makes an all ready smooth flavorful smoke richer and adds just a hint of extra spice…Both Miles and Frank can be found puffing these around the shop.

Mia Dominicana Lancero

The Mia Dominicana Lancero has become one of our hottest sellers, this is a great example of the lancero’s shape adding some power to a mild bodied Dominican.  The first time I smoked one it was a head turner.
Rounding out this size is the Edge Lancero, already a little powerhouse the lancero “pops” the pepper of the Edge making it a perfect end of the day cigar.
If you haven’t tried a Lancero yet pick one up the next time you stop by.

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