Be sure to check out our selection of cigar and pipe accessories while shopping for your cigars or tobacco.

Cigar Accessories

We strive to carry the best in all accessories at prices that are always “right” for any level of enthusiast, cutters starting at $3.95 to $60., humidors from $19.95 to $300 and lighters from $2.50 to $250.00, ashtrays from $19.95 to $40.00. We will match your needs and stand behind what we offer.

Large Capacity Humidors

Small Capacity Humidor

Pipe Accessories

Pipe smokers can find pouches, tamps and cleaners all at affordable prices.

Shaving Accessories

Col. Conk Shaving Products

Shaving Soaps


After Shaves

Razors (special order)

Mekur Blades


Our selection is always changing as we look for the newest and most reliable products to offer our clients, so always check on your visits, and if you don’t see what you need just ask.